Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. But do we? Part 1 of 2

How do we assess people? How do we determine whether we like somebody or dislike them?

Do we do this by looking at them and finding them physically attractive?

We may admire someone’s looks but we may not necessarily like them.

Do we assess them by their financial value?

When was the last time you looked at Forbes rich list and picked out one person that you liked (I’m not saying none of them are likeable). But no matter how many zeros at the end of their bank account, although you wouldn’t mind having their wealth, you won’t like them on that basis.

So what is it that determines who we like and dislike?

Some people may not be attractive in appearance but possess the best manners and others are extremely attractive and have no manners whatsoever. You will find that you prefer to be around the ones with a better interior rather than the ones with looks that will wither away with age.

Good morals and manners are liked as much as petty thieves are disliked.

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) says that he was sent to perfect morality and manners (Al Bihar vol.16 page.210)

And when God speaks about His Messenger Muhammad in the Honourable Qur’an he says : Verily you adhere to sublime morality ( HQ Surah Al Qalam:4)

This is the reason why Islam spread as it did, although you will find the enemies of Islam will say it was spread by might. If that was the case, then why has it still grown exponentially even though the Muslims of the world have been made impotent by the ruling powers of the world and have been outcasted by the”free” world and labelled as terrorists and have been bombed and murdered mercilessly for the last century.

People like the well mannered, so imagine how much they liked the one that adhered to sublime morality?

The best inheritance that a parent can leave for their child is a good upbringing, not gold nor land nor any possession for that matter.

Material things are not anyones possessions they are hand me downs from generation to generation.

Whatever is pertaining to the body is transient and what pertains to the soul is permanent.

Jesus who rode an ass and wore moderate clothing remains in the hearts of more than half the worlds population because of his morality and character. But when we remember the rich and powerful ones with bad attitudes they are cursed by all those who hear their names.

A persons status is based on morals, this is what the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his Progeny (as) say about good manners and morals.

“the most complete of believers in faith is the one with the best morals” (Al Wasaa’il Vol.8 page.509)

“The best action is having a good morals” (Al Bihar Vol.71 page 386)

“Good morals are beauty in this world and purity in the hereafter” (Mustadrak al Wasaa’il Vol.8 page. 449)

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