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  • Thank You!

    The Al-Jaafaria Shia Islamic Centre would like to extend its appreciation and gratitude to the general community for their attendance and support of our 2013/1435 Muharram programme.  We hope that you all benefited from the programme and pray to Allah … Continue reading »

  • Welcome to our new website!

    In the Name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful The Al-Jaafaria Shia Islamic Centre welcomes you to its new website.  The aim of our website is to provide the community with information about the Al-Jaafaria Shia Islamic Centre and its activities.  The website will … Continue reading »

  • About Us

    What is the Al- Jaafaria Shia Islamic Centre? The Al-Jaafaria Shia Islamic Centre or AJSIC was established in 1991 operating out of one of the believers’ garages.  The commemoration ceremonies in the Islamic calendar were upheld. The founding committee consisted … Continue reading »